Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Medical Marijuana Orlando

Medical Marijuana Doctor Orlando

As many of you are aware, Florida is a rapidly growing state with a potential of 850,000 + patients to be registered with the Department of Medical Marijuana Use.

With this said: let me give you a scenario....

A patient called me, stated she had been going to a doctor of which she paid over $500 dollars to remain his patient ( not including being entered into the registry). She had never met him, she was doing telemedicine with him over the phone.

In the previous law under Amendment 2, this was okay, yet now that SB 8-a was singed into effect, telemedicine was removed from what Physicians can and cannot do.

She called me baffled and lost, she stated her doctor (whom she paid an arm and a leg to) had DISAPPEARED. He changed his phone numbers, address, and was unreachable. After taking all that money from the patient, he just POOF, vanished. She called to get advice and I told her that some people who are not in compliance often do this. They open up, seem like they are there, and then once their money is made, do an injustice to the patients by up and vanishing.

This hits home for me. We are the longest standing medical marijuana evaluation center in the nation, once we open a state location(s), we are there for the longevity to assist the people in need. We promise a low price guarantee (we will not be undercut by any other "legit" office), 24/7 assistance if you have any questions, and have an extremely reputable staff who goes above and beyond to accommodate our patients in need. 

You will never have to fear this scenario happening to you with Cannamed Medical Marijuana Orlando. We promise a money back guarantee in case something should happen and you get refunded or denied by the board. We have done this for over 10 years in 4 different states and never had a complaint filed with our offices. Our patients tend to be grateful and appreciative of the services we provide while helping alleviate their medical condition(s).

If you are looking for peace of mind, come to Cannamed Medical Marijuana Doctor Orlando. If you are unsure if this will work for you, come to Cannamed Medical Marijuana Doctor Orlando. If you have tried every other alternative out there yet still do not have relief and the pharmaceuticals are no longer effective, come to Cannamed Medical Marijuana Doctor Orlando. We are not here to steal your money, we are not here to open and close a month later leaving you lost. We are here to assist those in need suffering with debilitating medical conditions which have been scientifically proven that Medical Marijuana can help you. We believe in what we do, we have been doing it for a long time, and we are the experts in this field. We have the longest standing Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center in the NATION and are expanding every month. 

Call (866)226-6216 TODAY to have us answer any questions you may have. Maybe we can help you, maybe we cannot given your circumstances, but no-one ever got anywhere by not trying.

Have a Happy Fourth of July everyone and please, be careful.