Friday, February 3, 2017

Florida's Many Flaws in their Medical Marijuana Program

Conservative States vs. Liberal States & Medical Marijuana

I have been in the industry for about 8 years now. I got into the industry because my father was diagnosed with kidney failure when I was a teen, given 2 years to live.  I was lost, distraught, and confused. I never could understand why. Why my father. Why me. Why a good person. It is only 10 years later that I understand my purpose. This is part of CannaMed's Story.

I smoked as a teen illegally. Would actually "pinch" my fathers sack to get high. At this time in my life, I did not legitimately need marijuana. It was just fun at the time. My dad had maybe a year left. I smoked, I knew he did, and made a conscious decision to approach him and want to smoke with him and help with as he needed. At the time he was against it, as a parent, who can say "I am a great parent, I smoke with my kids."  This was not the case. Over the last year of his life, I helped him medicate, I would medicate with him, and helped him cultivate. He suffered through dialysis 3 days a week which literally sucks the life out of you. He became a frail man, I mean from 275lb down to 130 lbs. 

I have never seen a person have such a low quality of life, yet the ONLY thing alleviating their pain and suffering is a NATURAL and ORGANIC man-made plant. He would tell me how horrible he felt all the time, yet when he was medicated he had that "spunk" back to him. This brought joy to my last days with him. I ended up taking my father to his doctor and then the hospital on his final night.

I blamed god, my family, friends, the world, I just did not understand why this could happen to such an amazing man and why I deserved to lose my best friend in life. 

I KNOW KNOW MY PURPOSE. It is to help those in need like my father. In Liberal States like California, he was able to get his license 10 years ago. In Conservative States  like Massachusetts and Florida, the State wants to interfere with the the patients quality of life. 

THIS IS NOT OKAY ON ANY LEVEL. If someone is so sick they need to take 20 pharmaceutical medications a day to stay alive OR they can use Medical Marijuana, what would you choose? Cannabis is not man made and was here before we even existed, natural. It has many uses and the fact that the Government is so biased and money hungry is downright AWFUL.  When the day comes and your mother or father gets terminally diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition, you will then turn to Cannamed just to give that person a reason to want to continue living in this world. 

All of the Physicians and Doctors who are "Registered" for Medical Marijuana in Florida do not seem to care one bit about the patients. Most care about how much money they will be compensated for their time. They fear getting in trouble, because my goodness, the Fed's will just come barging in (hasn't happened in 8 years thus far with Cannamed).

If you are in #need and #pain #suffering #dying #diagnosed #cancer #aids #hiv or have other qualifying conditions, call me today at  (866)226-6216

We are not here for the money, in fact we will undercut any competitor that is on site in Florida. 
If you do not qualify, you do not pay.
We are not here because we are new to the game, it has been 10 years. 
We are in 6 states.
We ARE here to help those who are suffering, as my father did. I would not wish that on anyone in my life ever. 

EVERY HUMAN deserves to feel good and normal. We can help you!

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